I'm Gen a financial therapist and your "Money Mediator."Since I was young I've always had a passion for resolving conflict and now I'm able to combine my passion with my background as a financial professional to help couples in a way that is needed in this time where money issues are the number one cause of divorce.

the work i was born to do

I'm sure you've discovered by now that even though your are madly in love, you might not quite like your significant other's ideas about money management. These differing ideas about money are what I call "Money Mindsets" and having diverse "Money Mindset" are a must to improving your financial situation.  Couples with differing mindsets about money can come up with a more well well rounded financial plan and have a higher chance of taking their finances to the next level. However, if you're spending more time disagreeing about why you don't think alike instead of learning how to think together it's time to get some help.

Even the most loving couples that cannot think together are left with strife and unresolved conflicts that could lead to divorce. So couples come to me when they realize they've been having the SAME argument over money month after month, year after year. And through interactive and engaging learning experience that integrates a "date night" atmosphere I'm able to teach couples how to stay together by showing them the steps needed to collaborate instead of conflict about their money. Let me help you stop fighting about money and start building sustainable wealth.

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When people are no longer stressing over how to talk about money they can use that energy to work on building wealth and a lasting legacy
— Gen, Ponder Money