Dear Rob,

This letter is in response to your social media rant dated July 5, 2017 where you let the world know how you feel about Blac Chyna (at the moment). I was disappointed but not surprised by your actions because I’ve known for quite some time you were on a downward spiral but I was hoping you’d pull it together before it got to this point. I respectfully request that you take some time away from daily activities in order to get some peace so you can think about what you want from a relationship and more importantly how you can get your life.

Your rant about Chyna was to let the world know about her thot-tivities as well as to call into question her mothering capabilities. However, you miss the fact that you once called her your woman. So if she was such a terrible person what does that really make you? And what’s worse I bet if she’d be willing to come back to you(which I know she will)…you’d welcome her with open arms. So what is this actually about? Because despite your best efforts, all everyone could see was how ratchet YOU are.

Personally, I see a man that is at his breaking point. A man that felt like he has lost control and is tired of feeling used for financial gain. But you don’t realize how much in control you are if only you were brave enough to be the man you are supposed to be. The man that carries your father’s name with dignity and honor. You see you are so afraid of losing Chyna or worse being stonewalled that you do not assert yourself when you need to.

Unfortunately, the same thing she likes about you is the same thing that sends her in the arms of other men. You have the ability to cater to her desires like no other man could or would. But it comes from a place of desperation not through the strength of who you are. Basically, she is repelled by the man that acts like he is so needy for her in his life in order to feel good about himself. Instead she needs a man that wants her but doesn’t need her in order to feel good. You can easily be that man, if you start to change the way you relate to the people in your life…especially the women.

You see your dysfunctional relationship with Chyna started way before you met her. You’ve always been a footstool for the women in your life. You are used to women telling you what to do and withholding love when they cannot get what they want from you. So dating Chyna felt like home to you. I don’t blame you for being lost…Kris couldn’t teach you how to be a man and apparently Caitlyn couldn’t either. But it’s time, time to learn how to take charge of your life and assert yourself in your relationships with the ones you love. Being able to do this will give you more happiness than Chyna ever could.

Take Care