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Lord knows you don't need to sit through another financial seminar that spells out the ABC and 123s of money management. Chances are you probably already know exactly WHAT you need to do to take your finances to the next level. What you really need to know is HOW to do it as couple. I work with couples in an outside of the box approach to building sustainable wealth. Building wealth starts with knowing how to strategically leverage your partnership with the one you love in your quest for financial freedom. We combine our life changing content with interactive and engaging activities that creates an environment that will force you to discover you and your partners strengths (and weakness) in communication and implementation while working as a team and learn how to apply those strengths to the way you manage and grow your finances. Be it through social mixers, game nights, scavenger hunts, or surviving a zombie outbreak you will learn to collaborate and work with you spouse in a way you never have before to achieve your financial goals.





We bring to you an upscale date night experience, Mixing Marriage & Money, a quarterly mixer that is sure to stimulate all your senses. This premiere event brings together the leading financial professionals in their field with couples ready to take their finances to the next level. Come meet like minded couples in an intimate setting while enjoying soulful sounds that set the mood for a social atmosphere. Partake in a delicious array of tantalizing dishes and cocktail selections all while getting game-changing wisdom from thought leaders in their fields of expertise. This event is guaranteed to sell out so do not wait to reserve you and bae's spot

These sessions are ideal for adventure seeking couples who love spending time together. This is the program that will really help those of you who are tired of just maintaining your fiances and have realized it's time to take it up a notch, such as expanding your entrepreneurial endeavors or your passive income portfolio. 

Event Details and Reservation information will be provided as event draws near.

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Our signature quarterly 8-week program will challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and think outside the box in order to collaborate and communicate with the one you love on another level you've never experienced before. We invite you to experience a financial breakthrough as you enjoy interactive activities all while learning and implementing the dynamics of what sustains a winning relationship and financial freedom. Through the use of fun-filled and engaging activities and outings this program will walk you through critical collaborative skills as:

  • Establishing your authentic joint financial goals
  • Identifying the ideal financial roles for each partner
  • Maintaining collaborative communication 
  • Learning constructive conflict techniques
  • Sustaining conflict resolution and restoration
  • Aligning individual actions to achieve joint goals

With this wealth of knowledge, this experience is definitely the game changer you are looking for in your finances and your relationship. Sign up early in order to reserve your spot.

Event Details and Reservation information will be provided as event draws near.

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